Hi, my name is Marcus.

Welcome to my blog, here I will share my thoughts on building data products using ML and Data Science. Everything I share here are my own opinions and does not reflect the opinions of the companies I have been working for.

Who am I? Link to this heading

I’m a tech and people interested recovering data scientist turned product manager (turned data scientist/ml engineer again). I am also a big fan of food πŸ• (foodie) and music (I play bass guitar 🎸 in a band).

My Experience Link to this heading

I’m a Senior Data Scientist & ML Engineer, living in Stockholm πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ who has been working with Data Science, Machine Learning, Product Management and ML Systems for the past 5+ years in a mix of companies and industries ranging from retail to fintech. NLP and LLMs are some of my current focus areas as well as learning the ropes of product management.

I also have experience with other types of ML use cases such as:

  • Demand forecasting,
  • Time series analysis,
  • Churn prediction,
  • Optimization
  • Reinforcement Learning for Trading
  • Customer segmentation.

I’m currently employed at PocketLaw, where I work with generative AI and Machine Learning in the legal domain for various use cases. Python and SQL (big fan of BigQuery) are my go-to tools πŸ›  but I do occasionally use other languages such as Java, and TypeScript (Node.js).